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Opera Follows The Canary and Releases “Next” Version

Looks like releasing unstable, buggy, developer-only versions of popular desktop browsers is a priority these days for the big players in the scene. Google started this trend with the Beta, Dev and (recently launched on the Mac, too) Canary Chrome channels; Mozilla followed earlier this year with Aurora, a new name for the old Minefield pre-beta version of Firefox; Opera has now entered the “developer-only, please report bugs” marketplace as well with Next, a new name for the internal dev builds that were never released to the public. Opera’s current Next version is dubbed 11.50 Swordfish which, alongside bug fixes and general improvements (as usual), adds a brand new plugin system for Speed Dials that will allow developers to build extensions for the browser’s popular start page — like live-updating weather widgets and other fancy toys. Opera Next, like Chrome Canary, has the huge advantage of letting you run it side-by-side with your existing Opera profile — the dev build is unstable, so you might not want to use it as your main browser. However, you can still sync the two using Opera Link.
Opera Next for OS X can be downloaded here.