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Part 3 of iOS 7 Expected Feature

As most of you know that Apple will release iOS 7 on June 10. We already showed you on “iOS 7 Expected Features Part 1” and “iOS 7 Expected Features Part 2” what are the expected feature that may port to iOS 7. In Part 3 we will show you some of the expected features which we received from our visitors.

Improving Facetime:

FaceTime was the golden feature and the one of the best selling points of iPhone 4 which allows iPhone users to use it over Wifi, after that Apple added the ability to talk using FaceTime over 3G. But actually we need more integrated FaceTime with iOS Apps, specially with Messages app, so that you can text to the person you are talking to, I mean something like Skype.

– Apple should add option which turns video off and using audio only.
– Apple should add option to share screen with who you are talking with.

Delete All / Move All :

iOS only allows to delete message by message, song by song or contact by contact. So that we hope to see such simple and very important feature that allows us to Delete All or Move All with only one click..

Improved “Do Not Disturb” :

Apple should make some changes to improve “Do Not Disturb” feature, for example:

– Ability to stop notifications sound when making a call.
– Create blacklist for unwanted numbers.

Improving Notifications:

– Hide Notifications: Apple should allow us to hide notifications like the above screenshot.
– Turn off notifications at specific times for each application separately
– System Notifications: Apple should add an option that lets your device send notifications showing Weather, specific stock price, calendar schedule or etc.

More Options:

– Printing via Bluetooth.
– Rearranging photos using Name, Date, Size or anything else.
– See passwords for saved Wifi networks.
– See next the name of next song.
– The ability to stop sending SMS after press send.
– Notifications on iPad to take the full width of screen
– Change of icon size
Multi Icon Moving
– Unlimited icons in folders + folders in folders
– Unlimited icons/folders in dock
– Indoor/Outdoor profiles (for energy management)