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Paying a premium for iPad 2, now available in Singapore

The iPad 2 is already on retail shelves in Singapore, and its not that difficult to spot one. A quick check with shops in Lucky Plaza and Sim Lim Square found at least 13 outlets selling the coveted device.
Although the WiFi variant can be readily found, the 3G version is a tad scarce due to the stock shortage over in the United States right now.
One particular store in Lucky Plaza, Singapore was offering to sell the 64GB version for S$2,800 and the 32GB version for S$2,500. This translate to a mark-up of 143% and 146%, in comparison to Apple’s retail price of US$829 (S$1,058) and US$729 (S$931) respectively.
Over at Sim Lim Square, the 16GB WiFi version is going for between S$1,150 and S$1,390. The 32GB version is being sold for between S$1,300 and S$1,690.
The sales guy, when enquired further, even claimed that the shop had previously sold a 32GB WiFi+3G set to a customer for an eye-popping S$3,900. The customer was willing to pay a significant premium just so he could get it two days after the launch.