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Pegatron workers paid ‘triple salary’ to forgo Chinese New Year break to build the iPhone 5 for all of us. Aww!

Workers at Pegatron in China are being offered ‘triple the salary’ if they work throughout the upcoming holiday period beginning in the month of February. Although it was not stated, it was likely referring to China’s most important holiday, the weeklong Lunar New Year. The holiday starts on February 2nd and ends on February 8th.
The report also did not indicate what products employees are working to build, but noted that Pegatron recently landed orders for Apple’s 5th generation iPhone 5, with an initial order volume of “at least 10 million units.” Apple typically updates its iPhone on an annual schedule, which would suggest the “iPhone 5″ will go on sale in June this year.
Pegatron reportedly first received advance orders for Apple’s soon-to-launch CDMA-based iPhone 4 in early 2010, with an initial volume of 10 million to 12 million units.
Because Apple has been expanding its orders, Pegatron plans to shift some of its iPhone manufacturing duties to its plants in Suzhou, China. Currently, the bulk of the manufacturer’s iPhones are built in Shanghai.