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Photos To Art Turns Instagram Images into Real Art

Photos To Art Turns Instagram Images into Real Art

My self-portrait with a Soho Black frame, and right, virtually superimposed alongside a print at the local Starbucks.

C’mon, who among us hasn’t snapped a photo on Instagram and thought “wow, that’d look great on my wall” — I know I have. So came up with Photos to Art, a slick app that painlessly, almost magically transform your digital snapshot into a piece of art — all you need to provide is some money and a bit of imagination (and they’ll even help you with that last one).

Open the app and you’ll have the option of uploading an image from your Instagram account or the photo library on your iPhone, or you can snap a photo right then. After the image is uploaded, you’ll be presented with several printing — canvas, wood mount or poster print — and framing options.

Once selected, you’re given the option of placing your work on a generic virtual wall — livingroom, bedroom, etc. — to see what it’s look like. But the real magic is the app’s smart use of augmented reality to superimpose the art you’ve made over a live image of your own wall through the iPhone’s camera.

Everything is well presented and easy to use, and says it’s prices are pretty reasonable. For instance, an unframed 16-inch square poster print is $11; the same size as a wood mount is $45.