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Piano Passcode: Play Piano On iPhone Lock Screen To Unlock The Device

The jailbreak community has never failed to amaze us with the innovative and inventive tweaks that they manage to conjure up in their minds. Refreshing and filtering through Cydia inevitably brings up a wide variety of different types of packages and enhancements for jailbroken iOS devices, with some of the more popular tweaks proving to be those simple implementations that live directly on the lock screen of the phone. One of the latest to tackle the lock screen is the Piano Passcodeoffering and we have to say that it gets ten out of ten for originality.

Passcode based tweaks are not a new addition to the repositories within Cydia. We’ve seen great packages in the past like Stride for iOS that offers a unique way of unlocking the device, but Piano Passcode is definitely one unique implementation that will appeal to the musical technology loving folk among us. The concept is pretty simple; slide to unlock the device in the normal manner and be presented with a gorgeous looking mini piano which the user needs to play to gain access to the device.

iOS Screenshot 20130503-021318 01

Like most decent jailbreak tweaks, Piano Passcode contains its own dedicated preferences options through the native Settings app. It’s in these preferences that we can first of all choose to either enable or disable the package as well as specifying the exact key combination that is required to be played on the piano before the device is unlocked. One of the clever aspects of the package is that each key is actually mapped to a numerical figure, meaning that the user is essentially just entering in another passcode but in a different manner.

Piano Passcode also has an additional Secure Mode for those users who want a new layer of security that brings compatibility with other lock screen based tweaks that have Passcode functionality. This is certainly a tweak that will divide users from a usability perspective. Not everyone wants to play a little musical number to get into their phone, but the ones who do will love what this offers.

Piano Passcode will be available soon via the BigBoss repo in Cydia and it will be a paid offering, costing users a cool $0.99.