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Police seized $10 million worth of fake iPhones in US

The Los Angeles Port Police have seized more than $10 million in counterfeit iPhones and iPods from a sophisticated downtown warehouse. Brothers Bahram Zahab, 45, and Edward Zahab, 40, have been arrested and charged with the sale of counterfeit goods with an intention to deceive.
“This was a well-funded operation, and the counterfeits looked very authentic,” said Ron Boyd, chief of the L.A. Port Police force. Boyd notes that a buyer might not have noticed the counterfeit until he or she got home and tried to hook up with iTunes.
Investigators said they thought that the shipment was designed to get Apple Inc. lookalike products into the market during the recent buzz over the Consumer Electronics Show. Some of the products were designed to look like older Apple products, such as iPod Nanos without touch screens, which remain popular with some consumers.