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Predicting 2013’s app design trends

What’s going to be the next pull to refresh or swipe to delete? The Industry has peered into its crystal ball and come up with what it thinks (or hopes) are the 13 most prominent trends we’re going to be seeing in app design for 2013 — whether we want them or not.

Flat design will likely be big, with Windows 8 and the iOS alarm clock app Rise used as examples. This will no doubt make those who’re hoping more designers will eschew skeuomorphism in 2013 pretty happy. Are you listening, Sir Ive? Other trends to look out for include more gestures (and fewer buttons), larger fonts, responsive websites and more prominent search fields. Oh, and an even larger role for the increasingly ubiquitous “hamburger menu drawer icon” — the three horizontal lines used to denote a menu button in apps like Facebook and Google Chrome.

What design elements do you see becoming more commonplace in apps this year? Let us hear your ideas in the comments.