PS4 to have social apps geared toward second-screen experiences

PS4 to have social apps geared toward secondscreen experiences

The most iOS-related news to come out of Sony’s big PlayStation 4 announcement is the impending release of tablet apps that promote a second-screen experience. According to Engadget, the apps will be able to stream 10-second gameplay clips, gaming sessions, download items that are auto-tailored to your preferences, and more.

The PS4’s revamped interface looks like it would be at home on an iPad. While Sony did not give specifics on if the companion app would be available on iOS, it would be surprising if it wasn’t on the App Store at launch.

Sony’s following in the footsteps of Microsoft, which debuted the Xbox SmartGlass app in November. Mike Schramm took a look at the Microsoft app; he was pretty impressed with it, and said it was a good alternative to using the Xbox controller when you’re not gaming. Looking at SmartGlass, you might get a sense of what the PS4’s app could eventually be like on iOS.