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QuickPick update in limbo for Lion similarities

QuickPick Screenshot
On Wednesday, QuickPick 2.0.3 was apparently ejected from the Mac App Store, according to a tweet from developer Seth Willits. A day later, Seth tweeted that the app is still in the store — as of this writing that’s the case — but update 2.0.3 had been rejected, increasing his confusion. Additionally, he mentions that an Apple rep told him that QuickPick would be “removed from sale,” citing a “confusingly similar” argument. For now, the app is in limbo.
QuickPick is a full-screen application and document launcher which offers several features reportedly missing from Apple’s app launcher — as it exists today at least. For example, the app’s dedicated preferences can set a global keyboard command or hot corner for activation, while users can identify their own most frequently used items to display and leave icons “scrambled” on screen to suit their own organizational style or lack thereof.
Most importantly, QuickPick runs on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Apple may perceive the app as direct competition to Launchpad, one of Lion’s most highly touted new features. If users see low-cost alternatives to a potentially costly Mac OS X upgrade, they may be dissuaded from spending the time and money to make the leap to Lion when it arrives this summer (though one feature vs. all of Lion’s improvements decreases this likelihood). Perhaps Apple is simply rejecting the app to prevent confusion in their own marketplace; an argument Willits isn’t buying.
“QuickPick existed years before Launchpad…[Version] 2.0.2 isn’t any different than 2.0.3.”
Willits continues to plead his case with Apple. In the meantime, for US$10, QuickPick 2.0.2 is still available on the Mac App Store and version 2.0.3 is available through the Araelium Group website.