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RadioShack begins selling Mac accessories


If you mosey on over to RadioShack’s website you’ll notice that the nationwide electronics retailer is now, for the first time, offering an expansive selection of Mac accessories for sale.

Customers will now be able to select from the usual gamut of Mac accessories, from mice and keyboards to cables and connectors. Select locations will also carry iTunes gift cards.

With the addition of Mac accessories, RadioShack now provides a complete selection of Apple products, save for actual Mac hardware.

You might remember that Apple struck a similar accessories deal with Staples this past February whereby the office supply store began selling accessories for the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

RadioShack currently boasts over 4,700 stores in North America (U.S. and Mexico) so this should certainly help make Mac accessories more visible to Mac-toting customers.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that RadioShack is currently running a promotion through June 1, 2013 whereby customers who spend $30 or more receive a $10 credit towards a future purchase. To that end, if you’re looking to pick up some Apple related accessories in the next few months, it might be worth it to hop on over to your local RadioShack.