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Rare White iPhone 4 “for sale”. Right now.

No, no, no. You don’t have to wait anymore until “later this year” … Not if you have something like WhiteiPhone4Now to come to your rescue.
Here’s their marketing blurbs to convince you further on why you should go white with the iPhone 4:
 How would you like to be one of the extremely few people in the world right now to own an unreleased White iPhone 4? Apple said that they won’t be shipping the White iPhone until “later this year”… That’s when exactly?
With our competitively priced “DIY White iPhone 4 Kit“, you’ll have the brand new White iPhone 4 parts you need to convert your current black iPhone 4 to a White iPhone 4 yourself with the easy to follow instructions from iFixit. Or if you you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always bring it to your local Apple repair shop.
We’ve had FaceBook engineer, apps developers and even accessories makers buy a kit from us knowing that an unreleased White iPhone 4 would grab instant attention for their products.
Compared to the other guys, you’re saving on average $180-300 when you buy from us! Not to mention that we have every part in stock vs others.
But, is it worth the hassle, the time, as well as the money? Please bear in mind that disassembling the iPhone (since the original in 2007) is a very risky procedure. Not even if you have some online tutorials, videos, or guides to follow along. Think of it this way – ever tried fixing a screen protector to the screen of a phone and found it to be a challenging process? Ok, we’re talking about something that’s far worse when it comes to assembling/disassembling the iPhone 4 parts!
Secondly, because you’re “fixing” it by hands, a pair of untrained hands would not bode well compared to the ones that come fully assembled by machines via the assembly lines over at Hon Hai in China when you first bought your Black iPhone 4.
Thirdly, the parts may be “OEM”, but we’ve come across tons of “fake” iPhone parts termed OEM but the quality, color, and manufacturing standard is akin to those reserved solely for the … rubbish bin. ‘Nough said.