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Rdio introduces social video streaming service Vdio

Online music streaming service Rdio has announced the launch of Vdio, a new video-streaming service. Vdio is a pay-per-view service, unlike its sister program’s “all you can eat” subscription model. The service builds off Rdio’s social focus with Sets, playlists for TV shows and movies that make it easy to share and discover new content to watch. Furthering the social theme of the service is the ability to check out what your friends are watching at a given moment and jump into the program with them.

A service is only as strong as its content, but Vdio features most of the latest releases from the big screen to network television. Current titles range from movies such as “Zero Dark Thirty” to “The Hobbit” and “Skyfall,” while popular television programs such as “Breaking Bad,” “Homeland,” and “Downton Abbey” make up the broadcast front. TV shows are available to stream the day after they air, and subscribing to a whole season provides a discounted price. The service doesn’t have a deal worked out with HBO, meaning you’ll have to look elsewhere to catch up on Game of Thrones.

At the moment the service is only available to Rdio Unlimited subscribers in the US and UK. Current subscribers, or anyone who subscribes in the next 60 days, will receive a $25 credit towards the service to try it out.

Vdio is currently only available on the iPad or online. Other devices and platforms will be added in the future. Curiously the iPad app does not allow users to rent or download content, but rather only allows for streaming things that have already been purchased.