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Rdio posts Mobile Playback API for iOS

Rdio, the on-demand social music service from the founders of Skype, has opened up its service to developers and published a mobile playback API for iOS, although the current terms of use prohibit the sale of any apps made using it. Instead, the company will make mobile apps work with its affiliate scheme. “We’re working on providing a good affiliate program flow for mobile apps so that you can monetize that way. Getting that working well is one of my top priorities so you’ll hear about that soon,” says Ian McKellar, Lead Platform Engineer at Rdio.
According to Rdio, the mobile API will allow you to make an app “that searches and plays all the artists, songs, albums, playlists, and top charts in Rdio’s catalog of over 8.5 million songs. You can also build and edit playlists, show a user’s network Heavy Rotation, follow other people, and view Collections.”
Is this something you’d see yourself building into an app? Let us know in comments.