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5 Fun Games: Back to the 80s, An Identity Quest, A Deadly Dose of Aphrodisiacs and More

Eschalon Book 2 RPG game for Mac
Here’s this week’s selection by Mac Games and More featuring fun, casual games you can play into the weekend. The selection includes surviving on insects in an RPG, solving mysterious murders involving aphrodisiacs, back to the 80s and more. Come back every Friday to check out the games. Have a good weekend.
Eschalon Book 2“Eschalon Book 2 (RPG/strategy) – The second of a planned top-down RPG trilogy, Book 2 finds you back in the shoes of the hero. You’re now living reclusively in a surrounding area. Your former life is past you until someone who knows who you are leaves a note on your doorstep. This note and your strange dreams compel you to get back in the game even though your skills are not entirely up to par. During your adventure, you’ll discover your true identity, enhance your alchemy skills, contract various diseases (fun!), uncover a secret invasion and become a forager and a true Man vs Wild. Download it now If you’d like to play Eschalon Book 1, click here

Garden DashGarden Dash (garden sim/time management) – Spring is just around the corner and for those of you who can’t grow a garden, play Garden Dash. Open up different garden stores in Diner Town and supply local businesses with quality fruits, vegetables and flowers from your garden – all without getting dirt under your fingernails. Set in a colorful and light-hearted setting, Garden Dash is a joy to play as well as challenging for time management gamers. Download it now 

Women's Murder Club: Death in ScarletWomen’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet (hidden objects) – Based on James Patterson novels and subsequent television series, Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet is an in-depth hidden objects game mixed with detective adventure. Investigate the murder of a girl who overdosed on an aphrodisiac and was found with a Chinese branding on her chest. Download it now 

Rainbow MysteryRainbow Mystery (match three) – Rainbow Mystery for Mac is for puzzle gamers who like match three style of games but want an extra oomph! Instead of a board with jewels or flowers in an even square grid, you’ll have to make your matches on a honeycomb configuration, which adds more of a challenge to the game play. The story behind Rainbow Mystery involves helping Lily, the fairy of flowers, return life and color into the Rainbow world. The wicked wizards turned everything into a drab, colorless landscape. 70 levels.Download it now 

Fix it up 80s Meet Kate's ParentsFix it up 80s Meet Kate’s Parents (dash/time management) – Travel back in time to an amazing decade: the 80s. This is when Kate’s parents met. This is an entertaining time management game meets Back to the Future story with lots of flashbacks of a couple in love, Kate’s parents, working toward getting a car business off the ground and up a running. There are lots of fun references to the 80s as you earn money to pay the bills and purchase new upgrades for the lot and grow the business to ensure a solid future for your kids. Download it now