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A puzzle game for all your moods: Dejeweled

Dejeweled is a game meant for gamers who love puzzle games. The three in a row kind of game features multiple coloured jewels in Japanese style which keep falling from the roof. You need to be fast enough to clear the gems before they hit the roof.
Dejeweled has three games modes namely Classic, Action and Zen. These three game modes make the puzzle game even more exciting and ready to satisfy your moods. In the classic game mode you have to aim for a pre-defined score to complete the level while in the Action mode you need to be fast enough to race against the clock and in Zen mode you can relax and match gems to remove all shining gems from the floor. The game has 18 different layouts for different levels which make the game challenging and fast paced with different obstructions between the gems.
The game controls are easy and you just need to tap on group of 3 similar colour gems to clear them or use wave drag bar in Zen mode If you tap the wrong selection thrice you will be greeted with indestructible black gems which cannot be cleared even if they are in group of three. There are few useful powers in the game which let you clear more number of gems even though they are not in groups. You can also remove multiple gems at once (ie: more than 3), the more the number of gems removed in a go, the more is the score gained. You can have a look at the wave bar in the game at the bottom which tells you how close you are to completing the game in classic mode and the time left in Action mode. You can also have a look at your overall score and level number at the top bar and also toggle the music and sound while game play by going in pause mode during the game .
The game comes with a great ability to share scores and achievements via Open Feint and Game Center . You can also have a look at the help section to know the controls and game elements before you jump to any of the game modes
Screenshots from Dejeweled iPhone puzzle game: