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A Simple And Universal Solution For All Your Social Networking Needs : Stroodle

Since the launch of app store there is only two things i think about whenever i need to simplify my mobile life, Apps and apps. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn happen to be the most popular apps on iOS devices. Three out of four people in the world use the app at least once a day .But if you are a social geek like me then you must me aware of the fact that keeping track of all your social networks could be really difficult in your busy schedule and with each social platform having their own app, you just add to the complexity of social networking on your phone.
Stroodle is a really efficient and simple app which can help you simplify your social networking needs on your iPhone. Stroodle does everything you want a Smartphone’s social networking app should. You can Read updates on your wall from Facebook, updates from Twitter and LinkedIn; you can also update your status and interact with people in your social circle without having to open individual apps.
Stroodle creates unified timeline for all your social activities, you can also view individual network updates by selecting it from the main menu. Similarly it gives you option to update individual or multiple networks in one go , just select the tiny icons over the keyboard and you are good to go .
As mentioned before Stroodle is an app which will make social networking simpler , but it actually lacks the power features which you will find in official facebook, twitter and LinkedIn apps. Definitely Stroodle does what it promises and does it in a great way.
The app is currently available for free on the app store but will show ads within the timeline. To remove these ads you can upgrade by donating a dollar to the developer which is fare i guess.
Grab the app from the app store and test its real potential and usefulness in your daily life .
Screenshots from the app :