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A touch puzzle

If you are in need of a puzzle game that can keep you occupied for hours together “A touch puzzle” is a new addition to the app store. The aim of the game is same as the name, you need to touch swipe the 3 or more monster head sitting together on the board to knock them off.
The game features variety of monsters like pumpkins, zombies, devils and ghosts with unique colours with which you can quickly visualize their combinations in game. You need to connect the similar monsters sitting together by sliding your finger over them instead of the traditional tap action seen in most of the famous puzzle games. As soon as you remove your finger from the screen, the line is considered drawn and the icons (if applicable) are removed Connections can be made left, right, up, down, and around a corner but not diagonal.
The game gets even challenging with the time based game play, where you need to knock out as many as monsters out of the game to add more seconds to the clock. So you need to be quick enough to race against the clock and match enough characters to score well and advance to higher levels. With each new level the difficulty gets even higher and you come across some new characters to match.
A touch puzzle is a perfect game for puzzle lovers, though it won’t match your expectations if you are looking for a casual game which can be played in your spare time. The game comes with a colourful graphics and sound effects. It also adds the open feint connectivity in the game which every puzzle lover needs to have.
The game is available for less than a dollar on the app store. You can also try the lite version available for free before you purchase the game.
Screenshots from the game :