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Autoblog’s new app to help you obsess about the auto industry

Autoblog App
Today, Autoblog finally released its iPhone app, bringing together three of the car site’s main components (and a new debut) into a central location. The free app provides up-to-the-minute auto industry news from Autoblog, fuel-efficient car news from AutoblogGreen, tech-related vehicle news from Translogic and, for the first time on a mobile device, new car buying data through the “Aol. Best Deals” service. Try using it the next time you visit a dealership.
As the editor-in-chief of AutoblogGreen (yes, I do more than just review board game apps on TUAW, and TUAW and Autoblog are both AOL properties), I can’t objectively review this app. Instead, I’ll run down the list of features and, since it’s free, interested readers should check out the app themselves and share your reviews in the comments below.
The highlight here is, of course, having quick and easy access to Autoblog news in a dedicated app. Sure, the iPhone has long been able to access the regular and mobile versions of these sites, but the app formats them in an easy-to-read manner that also offers one-touch access to the sites’ picture galleries and videos.
Of course, like most good blogs, part of the experience is participating, and the app offers a really easy way to send in a tip. If you see something great while you’re out and about, you can also send Autoblog a picture through the app. Another nifty feature? You can save blog posts to the app for offline reading, kind of like a built-in Instapaper. It’s also possible to stream any of the Autoblog podcasts through the app, so if you don’t want to fill up your iPhone with downloaded files, now you don’t have to.
There are some capabilities from the regular sites missing from the app: not all categories are represented in the “Topics” tab, for example. More important, you can’t comment on posts (yet). Also, the app is formatted for the iPhone, and so displays at 2x on the iPad. That means I wouldn’t bother with this app on the iPad; instead I’ll keep using Mobile Safari to get my auto industry news.
Sounds good? Check out the free app yourself here.