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Bring Out The Artist In You With WI Guitar iPhone app

If playing Guitar is your hobby or is something you have always desired to learn. WI Guitar is an app which will leave you amazed at the way it makes playing guitar fun on iPhone. Though you would have come across bunch of other apps already available on app store .But WI guitar is completely different app . This app is not just an app to play with for fun but its use as a professional recording instrument may interest a slightly wider group of users including artists and professional songwriters.
Starting the app you will come across the strings of guitar. The main interface includes seven buttons A,B,C,D,E,F,G. Sharps (#) and flats (b) are added to each note except between B and C, and between E and F, resulting in the 12 notes of the chromatic musical scale.
The best part about WI Guitar is its built which is made in a way to make guitar playing easier on your iPhone or iPad. The UI is not cramped enough like other apps which look great and implement the actual guitar playing style of on your iPhone but making it difficult to use the app due to screen size restrictions.

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Even if you don’t know how to play a Guitar. You will enjoy touching the strings of the guitar to listen to its melodious vibrations. The strings sound same as on a actual guitar. Each touch, sensitivity and pressure has their own effects like on a real guitar. When you just strum the strings then the sound stops immediately once you lift your finger, but if you’re holding down a chord key then the tone resonates on, that’s how you can use different effects on the app.
Some Tips and Tricks from the developer:
  • Strumming harder or softer also makes the sound stronger or softer.
  • Pluck or strum closer to the board to get a stronger sound, and play further down on the strings to get a softer sound.
  • If you release all fingers from the screen, all playing notes also released. If you want chords to sustain, press and hold the chord buttons while playing.
  • Holding both the add9 and sus4 action buttons transforms from a major to a minor chord, and vice versa. Use this feature to also access the Gm, Fm, Cm and Bm chords.
  • Holding both the 7 and maj7 action buttons produces an add6 chord.
Though WI Guitar is an app that won’t fit every one’s budget. But keeping the purpose of app in mind, which is targeted towards professional guitarists and songwriters, the price of the app, is acceptable. If you love trying apps and playing guitar is your hobby too, you can try the free/lite version available on the app store which can help you judge the app before you plan to spend $19.99.
Screenshots from the app :