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Bumpy Road is a touching love story on four wheels!

Bumpy Road is an incredibly charming game of great graphics and music, and it employed a unique gameplay mechanic that you don’t really see on the iOS platform thus far.
As a happy couple drove along in their car, you could manipulate the ground below them with a simple touch of the screen, raising the elevation to either push them forwards or backwards or to bump them up into the air. It seemed like a great idea, and a perfect fit for the touch screen.
A love story on four wheels!
Spring is here and a couple in their autumn years have decided to go for a ride in their car just like in the old days. Bump the road with a simple touch to safely guide them on their trip and help them collect the memories of their past.
Gameplay Features
– A new and unique control method – Use the touchscreen to modify the ground and push the characters around.
– A feel good arcade game with a moving story – Discover the life of a family as you find memories while you play.
– Travel as far as you can in ”Evergreen Ride” or beat your best time in ”Sunday Trip”. Then sit back and relax as you enjoy the story in ”Memory Lane”.
– All the bells and whistles – Universal app, retina display visuals, achievements and leaderboards on Game Center!
Bumpy Road is out now for $2.99.