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Can You Save Your Home From The Evil Intensions of Zombies : Zombie Digger Review

Zoombie Digger is an exciting action game from Crazy Bit , a Russian iPhone game developer. The game features a wide variety of animal zombies whom you need to defend your home against. The game’s genre is similar to a tower defence game where you need to protect your territory against enemies.
These deadly zombies will continuously attack on your home and enter it to damage it in each level until you kill them all. The enemy characters include crocodiles, elephants, hedgehogs, rhinos, bears, bats, porcupines, mummy-robots, and mutant snails which come in different ways like Elephants come walking , while some can also come jumping with a bamboo and occasionally you will also find them flying on a rocket.
You can choose from the different types of weapons which include various types of shovels, rifles, bombs and super powers like mines, bulldozer, lightning and more. The basic and the most important tool you are offered to destroy the zombies is a shovel with which you can dig traps and bury the enemies. As you advance to higher levels the game gets even trickier and challenging where you face more number of enemies with different damage and invasion capabilities, so you need be really fast paced to stay in the game. You also need to have the right set of weapons to fight against them . On successful competition of each level you will be rewarded with gold based on the game performance and score. This gold can be used to buy these weapons in the game and get prepared for even tougher levels.
The game comes with 60 levels with different backgrounds and multiple combination of enemies . Before you start any level you will be shown what will be the enemies you are going to face in the level . You need to smartly choose your weapons, specially the super weapons which will give an extra boost to kill or defend against multiple enemies at once. There are few really funny weapons like the super Cow which comes flying and playing a pathetic song on guitar, it also does poo over the enemies which scare the hell out of them and the start running back to where they came from.
The controls in the game are pretty simple and are designed in a way users have seen in other really fantastic games which makes a user to grasp them easily. While you will also be presented with a in game tutorial before you actually start playing so it would be easy for every beginner who hasn’t played finger flicking action games like this.
Zoombie digger is not scary, neither does it involve violence rather its a game which will be loved by kids as well as parents. If you love fast action games which require a fast finger flicking on iPhone, you have the right game for this season. The game is really addicting and challenging , at a point when you reach 60th level you will wish if it had few more levels . We hope the developer updates the game soon with some more exciting levels serving to the demands of over 5 million game users in less than 3 weeks (as says the iTunes description).
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