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CBS forces developer to pull DiagnosticPADD app

CBS is using trademark and copyright violations to force the removal of a Star Trek-themed diagnostic application from the App Store. DiagnosticPADD uses an interface similar to the fictional computer operating system showcased in select Star Trek series to display details such as IP address, available storage, battery status and more.
CBS is exerting its ownership of the trademarked PADD name and the copyrighted LCARS computer interface used in the application. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, LCARS is a graphical user interface used on the instrument panels of the various ships and the portable PADD (personal access display device) device used by characters in the show. CBS claims the use of these elements in the DiagnosticPADD app confuse consumers and lead them to believe this app was officially sanctioned by CBS.

Unfortunately, Park Bench Software, the company behind the DiagnosticPADD app, is a small firm and lacks the resources to fight a media giant such as CBS. The small company confirms it will comply with CBS’ request to pull the app from the App Store. As of the writing of this post, the 99-cent app was still available so grab it while you still can.