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Check out Kogeto Dot, a portable panoramic video capture for your iPhone 4

Do you remember your first interaction with panoramic video clips? For me, it was kinda Minority Report moment. Panoramic clips have gone mainstream and in part owe their popularity to BEP360, a 99-cent music app for iPhone and iPad by Black Eyed Peas’ that lets you interact with the band’s 360-degree music video. Should you ever need to shoot panoramic clips using your iPhone 4, definitely consider the Kogeto Dot, a Kickstarter project by Jeff Glasse aimed at bringing 360-degree video recording to the masses. It’s cool, stylish and highly portable, according to the above promo video.
The Dot is a portable lens attachment for Apple’s handset. When you snap it to your device, it automatically aligns its lens to the iPhone 4′s camera. With it comes a dedicated iOS app that captures raw footage and stitches the individual clips into a fully navigable video that can be rotated around in the 360-degree freedom. Remarkably, the Dot also lets you stream panoramic video in real-time via your handset. If you’re interested to take the plunge, prepare to fork out $98. That sum buys you a Dot, a signed thank-you letter from developers and a mention on their website. They raised nearly ten grands at press time and the goal is to hit the $25,000 mark by July 3.