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Clocky – A Beautiful World Clock App for Mac

Yesterday I was browsing the new apps in the Mac App Store and came across Clocky, a world clock app that sits in your menu bar. Clocky was developed by Studio Dalton, who also did Lighty for iPhone, a very nice flashlight app. Clocky is already in the Top 100 apps in the Mac App Store and number 12 in Utilities.
Clocky shows the current time in the cities you’ve added, there are 479 to choose from. To add a city, click the ‘+’ sign and use the drop down menu or start typing. Even with almost 500 cities, I found some cities, such as Federico’s town of Viterbo, not on the list. If you want to delete a city, simply select and delete, or drag the clock out of the app. You can also click and drag the clocks to rearrange them.
As I was finishing this review I was told the next release will allow people to rename the cities so that you can replace it with the name of a smaller city or by the name of the person living there, so this could be a work around for not finding exact cities but the addition of more cities would be great too.
Clocky has a great icon and a clean & simple UI; it also has a great color scheme and is very OS X like. The animations are beautiful with a twitchy second and a white clock face for daylight hours and a black clock face for nighttime hours. The clocks are largest enough to read but not too small that you have to squint.
There are no real preferences (gear icon in app) for the app besides launching at login but a 24 hour clock option would be nice to have as well. The Mac app is only $1.99 and well worth the money if you want to keep track of times around the world or work with people all over the world like the MacStories team. I recommend the app and you can grab it here.
Note: If you want to change the clocks to 24 hour time you must go to System Preferences > Language & Text > Formats > Times and remove the AM/PM from the formats and click the drop down arrow on the hours setting and select the 24 hour format.