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Colorware now painting iPad 2s

Our friends at Engadget report that the fine folks at ColorWare are now ready to color your iPad 2 however you’d like. ColorWare’s skinning process is super-high quality, and you can basically customize your iPad 2 however you want: coloring the Apple logo, back panel, or even front home button with any shade from their extensive palettes. Just like the other ColorWare customization, this is a polymer-based coating that looks great and stays on firmly.
But it’ll cost you. You can either buy an iPad 2 straight from the company all dressed up for US$900 (or more than $1000 if you want to go for the 3G version), or send them the one you already own and pay $400 and up for just the coloring process. That ain’t cheap, but then again, this is pretty much the best color customization company around.
Don’t have an iPad 2 but still want a colored iPad? The company is still accepting “send-in” orders on Apple’s previous tablet, but they won’t be able to sell you one anymore. The price is slightly cheaper, though — only $350.