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Cweeture Jump Review

If you are a bird game lover and have tried a lot of games featuring birds in a hope to find an engaging and interesting game. Cweeture jump from WeeWorld brings a simple yet challenging game which can keep you hooked for hours together on your iPhone.
The game features Peter, the griffin a half eagle and half lion like character. The player launches the cweeture as high as possible in an effort to make as many as points by collecting gems, coins, bonuses and smashing platforms. But it’s not all about collecting items; the player also needs to keep an eye on the clock. The special bonuses will help you stay in the game for even longer and score well.
There are launch pads on the way so even if the cweeture loses the momentum just land him there and he will be pushed up for each jump. As you gain levels you can see various varieties of launch pads. Another bonuses are the hourglasses which boost your life by ten seconds, so don’t let peter miss one! Be aware that if your cweeture is not collecting enough coins and fails to land on the launch pad you will drop down and lose. So make sure Peter gets the momentum on the go. The Rubies give Peter a quick boost while Diamonds are just like nitro boost giving you a super speed. So you need to be careful that you pick them at regular intervals to reach higher before the time ends.
Each time you achieve a high score it gets added to your game-center account allowing to set new targets for fellow gamers. You can also share your high scores via twitter and facebook and let your buddies know about your achievements and high scores.
Cweeture Jump comes with a smooth and colourful graphics, the animations are good and the backgrounds include day and night graphics. The developer plans to add new cweetures in the next update to give the users more options for the game play.  Cweeture is a simple entertaining game which both kids and parents would love to play in their free time.

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