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Daily App: Egg vs. Chicken

Egg vs. Chicken is another interesting title that I heard about at GDC the other week. It’s a game created by PlayFirst, which is another one of those companies with a huge PC back library of casual games. This one’s different, though, as it’s an original title for the iPhone and is designed to attract a little more experienced audience than the “Dash” time management games that PlayFirst has become known for.
The game’s kind of a combination of Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled — you have to match up eggs on the bottom half of the screen in a match-3 style game, and then you toss those matched eggs up to the top of the screen where chickens are invading. It gets chaotic quickly — there are quite a few levels to play, and eventually you move along to fighting powered-up chickens with powered-up eggs to match.
It’s not bad at all, and it’s definitely a diversion from what PlayFirst has been working on in the past. They told me at GDC that they are not only interested in bringing their PC games over to the iPhone, but in building a solid library of original titles as well. Egg vs. Chicken is a nice addition to that library, and it’s on sale for US$0.99 right now.