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Daily App: Liqua Pop

EA’s latest game on the App Store is called Liqua Pop. It’s an original puzzle game that has you popping liquid bubbles of the same color in order to send a little toad on the side of the screen to the top. The presentation in this one is very well done — the music is cool and clear, and the graphics are shiny and very (wait for it…) fluid. The bubbles show up quickly, and eventually bugs appear in the bubbles and add a little complication to the mix. But overall, the gameplay is pretty simple, and you get into a nice rhythm of building up bubbles and shaking the device to pop them.
Unfortunately, the game’s thin on content — there’s just one mode, and while there are plenty of levels to play through, it’d be nice to see a little variety to the gameplay. More of an issue is that there’s no Game Center integration at all. You can share scores via Facebook, but really, especially with EA publishing, developers iChromo should have taken the time to include Game Center. Hopefully that and the other omissions will be fixed in a future update.
Liqua Pop is US$1.99 on the App Store right now, and I can recommend you check it out at that price, though I wouldn’t blame you for waiting for the next EA sale to see if it drops down to a buck. If you’re good on games for now, that might be your best bet.