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Daily iOS App: Chromanoids

Chromanoids is Hothead Games’ second title for the App Store. The first was Bunny the Zombie Slayer, and it’s done pretty well (even though most of the studio’s previous work was for PC). This one’s a more retro affair — it’s basically Missile Command, though obviously with the touchscreen rather than the traditional wheel. But the twist here is that the action is color based — you need to not only line up shots against invading ships, but you need to match shot colors with ship colors, which means red ammo takes down red ships, and so on.
Things do get more complex as the game moves on, with ships that use colored shields and even ships that change color as they fly, but despite those changes, this still isn’t much more than Missile Command — you’re still just lining up shots with ships and hoping to hit home before they hit you. That said, Missile Command is plenty of fun, and if you like that game, you’ll like this one as well.
Chromanoids is US$0.99 for a universal version, and there are in-app payments for credits, which allow you to buy things like power-ups (though they aren’t really needed to enjoy the game). Game Center integration is a nice bonus, and there are a few different modes to check out as well. For the price, this is a great sophomore title from Hothead Games, though I’m a little surprised it’s coming so soon after the first one. We’ll have to see what else the studio has in store.