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Daily iOS App: First Touch Soccer

If you enjoy soccer or soccer video games and happen to own an iPhone, First Touch Soccer is a must-buy. I’m not a big fan of soccer, but this is an impressively premium title with great visuals, solid controls and lots of extras, including home team themed menus, multiple modes, social integration and even a real rock soundtrack.
If there’s a drawback to First Touch Soccer, it’s that the game suffers from the same issues more traditional console sports games do. The gameplay obviously depends on your love of soccer, and things like the announcer tracks can get repetitive. Also, the teams aren’t officially named; there are over 250 teams that are obvious versions of the various soccer clubs around the world, though they’re tweaked enough to avoid official licenses. But those are small quibbles in the bigger picture: a full-scale professional soccer title running great on iOS.
The game’s a bargain right now at US$0.99. When you compare that to the $20 or $30 that you’d normally pay for a full handheld soccer game like this, First Touch Soccer is a no-brainer.