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Daily iOS App: Magic Piano

Smule has brought its popular iPad app, Magic Piano, over to the iPhone and iPod touch this week, and one of the best things about it is that it’s completely free. It still features all of the various music modes that the original app offers, including that one cats like so much, and the mode that allows you to play any number of famous songs just by tapping the screen on your own rhythm and time. This is a great app, which isn’t a surprise from the fine folks at Smule, and it’s good to finally have it available on the smaller iOS devices.
The company is making its money through in-app purchases. While there are quite a few songs available when you download the app, you can buy more in packs, and there are even more coming out every single week. But it’s nice to have the main app as a free download anyway.
Whether you have enjoyed the app on iPad or haven’t been able to see it yet, Magic Piano is a great one to pick up for free. It’s a little bit of a shame that this wasn’t made into a universal version, just to keep things a little more organized in iTunes’ apps section, but the price should quiet any complaints about that. Go grab it right now.