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DrawRace 2: Racing Evolved – “Ok, this is sick.”

DrawRace 2 takes the best parts of the best-selling DrawRace and improves on them. With an all-new career mode as well as enhanced global, national and friend leagues and Leader Boards, you’ll never run out of races to draw.
The basic concept of DrawRace 2 is simple: Draw your racing line. The speed of your finger defines the speed of your car. After you’re done drawing, you get to watch your car race the line you drew.
Thanks to the unique feedback system, you’ll improve your racing line drawing quickly as you play. Soon you’ll see your finger (and car) fly through five skill levels and beat 180 challenges on 30 tracks. You’ll fill your garage with 16 unique cars.
Once you master the art of drawing and racing, you’ll be ready to take on the best drawracers in the world on the global, local and friend Leader Boards. You can also challenge your friends in Friend Leagues and see who has the fastest finger.
Gameplay Features:•    Unique, touch-based racing controls
•    Intense global Leader Board and local Hot-Seat multiplayer
•    Physics-based racing with 16 different cars
•    More than 32 diverse, 3D-rendered race tracks
•    From the developers of Trials HD and MotoHeroz
DrawRace 2 is created by RedLynx, published by Chillingo and coming to the App Store in June.