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Dry Corp DryCASE Waterproof Phone & MP3 Case + DryCASE Tablet Waterproof Case

While waterproof cases are not uncommon, Dry Corp’s DryCASE Waterproof Phone & MP3 Case ($40) and DryCASE Tablet Waterproof Case ($60) are a little bit different than most. The cases use a vacuum seal to keep the enclosed device protected; that vacuum is created by removing the air from the sleeve with an included pump. This process leaves the multitouch display fully usable, and an included pass through allows for headphone use — although the connection is on the right hand side, while all iPhones and iPads have headphone ports on the left. Because these cases are not made specifically for iPhones or iPads there is extra room in both, but the vacuum seal ensures they stay in place. Also included with both versions are a lanyard with a clip and a neoprene armband/handle which can be strung through the back of the sleeve.