Apps iPhone News Reviews Turns your iPhone into a Remote DSLR Trigger

If you own a DSLR and an iPhone, you are more than likely to find this app interesting. is a brilliant iPhone app that lets you control your DSLR by turning your phone into a remote. interfaces with the camera via its IR receiver. Hence, you need to plug an IR transmitter into the headphone jack of the iPhone. On the website, lists a great tutorial for a DIY IR Transmitter and the iPhone Guru has gone ahead and created a fantastic video for it. If you’re not the DIY kind, you can also order an IR transmitter from the website directly for about $20.

The app itself is quite brilliant. It features 5 modes laid down in a tab bar at the bottom — Shoot, Long Exposure, Time Lapse, HDR Bracketing and Movie Mode. The interface is decent and there are well-laid out labels and hints all over the app.
In the Shoot mode, you can choose to fire instantly or with a 2 second delay. The app allows you to tag your GPS data to the photos or even export the log as a .gpx file. The Long Exposure mode is for the Bulb Photography enthusiasts and let you set the duration for which you’d like to expose and shows you a counter once you start.

In the Time Lapse mode, you can set the number of shots you want the camera to take, along with the duration per shot. There’s also a handy “Rapid Fire’ mode. The movie mode features a list of shots that you can name. Every shot you take shows up in the list, along with the time at which it was taken and how long the shot is.

According to the website, the app is compatible with a variety of DSLR models, with more models being added in upcoming versions. The app is available for $4.99 on the App Store and is a nifty alternative to professional remote controls.