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Experience the HD puzzle fun with Woozzle

The more we dig the app store the more we come across some wonderful puzzle games out there . Puzzle games is a category which everyone loves to have on their phone. Woozzle is a recent addition to the puzzle games category on app store. Woozzle brings a new and exciting concept to the puzzle gamers, in the game you need to need place four same coloured marble balls on the same turntable to clear the table.
The marbles travel from the entry point to the turntables through tubes. There can be more than one tube and turntable in a game depending upon the difficulty of the game. Each turntable has four containers and can hold at most 4 marble balls and come in wide variety of colours just like the balls. As you advance to higher levels you also need to take care of colours.
Like the enemies in the action games, Woozzle has obstructions and variations like ball colour changer which changes any ball colour to a predefined colour, road switch will switch the tunnel path in a T- joint while teleport will port the ball to a virtually connected tunnel. Such added features add more challenges in the game and bring excitement with each new level where you face them.
The controls of the game include just tap and swipe action thus you quickly get in the game flow. Turn a table by tapping on it and push a ball out of the table towards the adjacent tunnel by sliding in the required direction.
Woozzle requires a quick finger flicking because new balls enter the tunnel as soon as the previous one falls in any container. Though you can block its way by filling the containers in its way and take your own time in arranging other balls but this way you would be losing a good score which in this game is based on time taken to complete a level.
Though you may find yourself struggling with this game in the beginning but soon you will get used to the controls and grasp the logic of the game. The game seems to be more interesting and addicting as you advance to higher levels and try to clear all the puzzles in the shortest possible time. The game comes with around 60 unique puzzles and ranking system for each level which are calculated according to your scores/timings.
Game Center is the greatest asset for a puzzle game like this, i would love to share my high scores with my friends and challenge them over game-center to beat my high scores and achievements. So the developer has integrated Game Center in this game
Woozzle has a really fantastic UI with a fresh and green forest theme giving you a feel of the game. If you wish to experience the puzzle game or its pretty UI try out the lite version with limited levels for free or you can purchase the game at app store for 99 cents
Screenshots from the game :