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Foodish: Delightfully Mindful of What You’re Eating.

Calories aren’t fun. No matter what kind of appreciation you have for food, watching what you eat while being a food-a-holic can be difficult when everyone else focuses on just the numbers. Eating should be about discovery. It should enjoyable, shared, and fun without making everything else out to be a dangerous game of cat and calories. In my opinion, it’s much better to be mindful of what you’re eating, and Foodish is exactly the kind of app that fulfills this desire very well.
Not only is Foodish wrapped in a beautiful user interface, it’s fun and simple to use. Based on good conscience alone, you simply snap a picture of your meals and rate them on a general “bad to good” scale that tracks your overall eating habits over time. The concept is great: not only can the foodie in you keep a record of all those great meals and memories, but it also keeps you aware of just what exactly you’re shoving into that pie hole. Plus, you get to totally brag about the incredible meal you’re having at that five start restaurant from within the app. It’s a win-win!
Foodish is built around our love of food, while capitalizing on the idea that counting calories really stink. The reason so many “calorie” apps have failed me in the past is that they’re all time consuming and incredibly involved, but Foodish removes all of the traditional weight watching figures for a simple health system that plots your progress over time. Eating a salad topped with grilled chicken breast? Take a pic and tap on the smiley face. Chocolate Cheesecake? Unquestionably not the healthiest choice. It’s easier to decide what’s good and bad, rather than typing in numbers and searching databases for the items in question. Plus, you have the added benefit of being creative and keeping what’s essentially a foodie’s diary. Us creative types need an app that’s well designed and can store our love of food in a single place, and Foodish comes through with flying colors.
You can navigate between weeks, blow up previously snapped photos, and keep a rough log of everything you’ve consumed. I do enjoy the fine art of taking rather delicious photographs of what I’m eating, and Foodish is perfect for this kind of task. Not only are you keeping track of how well you’re eating, you’re able to let the creative juices flow in the process. Even if your goal isn’t to lose weight or improve your lifestyle, Foodish is flexible enough to just be that wonderful little diary on your iPhone. Animations are smooth, taking pictures is really easy, and you can share your meals via Twitter and Facebook. Foodish is exciting: food doesn’t have to be another statistic. It’s useful where you want it to be, and maintains its simplicity by being your local Instagram for those salivating, delicious meals.
I’m really impressed with the work that has gone into Foodish, and it’s just a great app to use. For $3.99 in the App Store, Foodish has the kind of polish that can’t be missed if you appreciate food and good design. To celebrate its launch, we’re going to be giving away the app to ten lucky winners who love food and are looking to be more mindful of their eating habits. Just check out the rules below for your chance to win!