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Foodish takes the calorie counting out of meal tracking

We’ve looked at various food journals for iOS in the past, and Foodish is the latest entry into this market. It’s a food diary that focuses more on providing you a visual record of what you’ve eaten rather than counting calories.
It’s pretty easy to use and has an attractive UI. Launch the app, tap the add button and take a picture of your food or drink. You can group these into meals or snacks, and select whether or not you think you’ve made a good food choice by tapping a facial expression. You can share the pictures of your meal via Facebook or Twitter.
It’s a good, basic program to use if you want to keep a food diary but don’t care to count calories. Personally, I gravitate toward more feature-laden programs, such as Lose It(free), and I’ve also been using the Weight Watchers Mobile app (free download, requires subscription for food tracking) for keeping my food record since December.
Foodish is US $3.99 in the App Store.