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Forecast looks amazing for Weather HD for Mac

Weather HD is a popular iOS app that we at TUAW have raved about in the past. The iOS app lets you use your iPad or iPhone as a window into a beautiful weather world around you. The app uses stunning full screen animations to show you the weather instead of the numbers and little icons other weather apps use. Now Vimov, the company behind Weather HD, has launched a Mac version of the app and it takes the basic premise of their simplified weather app to a whole new level.
First off, the animations in Weather HD for Mac look simply stunning. I’m running the app on a 15-inch MacBook Pro and it just looks incredible. That tells me that on larger screens like the iMac, the app must just look otherworldly. Besides the multiple locations and weekly forecasts that are available in the iOS version, the Mac version offers a host of features that turns the app into a full weather center on your Mac. You can see hourly forecasts, phases and cycles of the moon, and current and next-day-average cloud, temperature, dew, humidity, and wind maps. Best of all it has built in a full-screen view to the app so you can see its gorgeous animations at their fullest.
I will say that, as cool as it is, the app does have limited usability. It’s pretty to look at and has some nice alerts and mapping features, but how often do we need to open up an app to see the weather forecast? I usually just activate Dashboard and quickly check out my weather widgets. One thing I would love to see is a screensaver option for this app so I can see those gorgeous weather animations anytime my computer is idle. Of course, Vimov can’t build in screensaver functionality into the app now because Apple doesn’t allow screensavers in the Mac App Store. Hopefully that will change soon. Still, Weather HD is highly recommended and costs US$3.99.