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FX Photo Studio HD: An iPad app bursting with effects and filters

Using the iPad is a beautiful way to showcase photography and with the use of the touch screen, editing images is equally as ideal.
FX Photo Studio HD is jam-packed full of effects, filters and tools that enables users to easily create dramatic-looking photos.
This gorgeous iPad app has almost 200 photo effects that can transform your photography into oil paintings or old vintage images. The myriad of effects offered are categorized by style type and can also be saved within a favourites folder for quick access. And, effects that you don’t like can be completely removed from the list by hiding them within the app’s settings.
By selecting a filter, you’ll have additional control over the intensity of the effect. As an example if you choose to go with “Glow Vivid Color”, you’d be presented with two sliders that will increase/decrease the brightness and glow amount. This will allow you to achieve millions of different styles from the 187 photo effects.
Aside from adding the various styles, FX Photo Studio HD has tools like crop, rotate and resize. Using the crop feature, the app conveniently provides the image dimensions as you slide the crop points across the screen.
There’s an option to send finished photos to Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or via email. Images can also be printed or saved to your iPad’s photo gallery or the (iTunes sharing) documents folder.

Presets is one of the coolest features because it allows photographers to save a combination of effects as one. After applying a variety of effects, users can save it as a preset, which generates a code that can be shared with friends using the app. Users can additionally discover new preset codes online or share their own codes via Facebook, Twitter or email.
FX Photo Studio HD is a solid app for jazzing up your photos and the added benefit to try and share preset codes coupled with a huge amount of effects makes it a win. The app is available for the iPad for $0.99, currently on sale in Apple’s app store.