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Gameloft’s ‘Order & Chaos Online’ MMORPG hits Canada

Today, the internet gaming community is abuzzed with the latest release from Gameloft, theOrder & Chaos Online game slated for epic awesomeness in the months to come. Why epic? Well, that’s because this is an ambitious MMORPG title in the veins of World of Warcraft – for your iPhone!
The interface of the game works basically how you would expect from a Gameloft title, and Order & Chaos Online is something you can easily sink in and adapt well without too much of a learning curve.
Touching the left side of the screen works like a virtual joystick, and touching the right controls the camera. Pinching moves the camera in and out, and buttons frame the screen that perform all of the other functions. Targetting is as simple as tapping enemies, and for the most part combat works reasonably well.
Fast travel in the game works through a portal system, instead of flying places you’re able to find a portal and just instantly warp from place to place for a small fee. As mentioned in the previous post, the quest system also includes a waypoint arrow that points from your character to either the quest objective or the quest giver to go turn it in.
Order & Chaos Online should soon be available ($6.99) in other parts of the world as you read this. We’ll bring you more highlights in a bit. Stay tuned.