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Gun Center : A Firearm house right within your iPhone

If you are a hardcore fan of firearms, you don’t deserve to miss Gun Center . Gun Center is an iPhone puzzle game and a nice information resource for users who love all dangerous toys.
The game has 5 different options in its main menu. The first is Game mode which is basically a puzzle game where in you have to assemble the gun out the various parts available on the screen. The game has over 29 guns to play with which are arranged in individual categories. You necessarily need not know about each and every part of gun but the brief tutorial with movie clips make it easier for anyone to understand the concept and design of a specific gun category. The tutorial is really useful which classifies different guns based on their builds and has different movie clips for each of them.
If you would have come across some guns and were stunned by their performance in other games or movies, here is a chance to get all the inner details about them. The Gun-O-Paedia is a library and wiki of guns, as the name suggest the characteristics of the gun which include type, origin, length, weight, cartridge, range, muzzle velocity, rate of firing and lot more about them.
If you would like to read the history and evolution of guns in general, you can do so in the Firearms section which details them with useful images.  You can check the shooting range in the rifle range section which includes 22 different types of firearms to play with. Though most of the weapons are locked initially, you can unlock them in game mode and use them here.
You can also compete against yourself or with your friends in high scores through the Game Center integration in the app.
As a knowledgeable resource or as a game, Gun Center is app the out stands the crowd and gives demonstration and some fun with firearms.
Screenshots from the game :