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Here’s The Sequel to the Most Minimal iPad Stand

Back in August of last year, we showed you Michiel Cornelissen’s original iPad 1 stand. We called it the “most minimal iPad stand.” Not to outdo himself but he has redesigned the PadFoot for iPad 2. It’s now even lighter and smaller than its predecessor at only 10 grams, and has an increased viewing angle as well. All while being as stable and sturdy as ever.
The new PadFoot clips to the corner of your iPad and securely stands it upright in landscape and portrait modes. Just like other larger and heavier stands, it’s great for tv, movies, and slideshows. It works well for FaceTime calls too.
PadFoot is manufactured with a tough and lightweight, 3D printed polyamide with a fine surface texture. “3D-printing allows for the creation of a hollow shell with internal structures that cannot be made in any other way; resulting in a product that combines high strength with low weight.”
The original PadFoot was $25, the PadFoot for iPad 2 has been reduced to $20 (€14) or $25 (€17) including worldwide shipping. If you like a minimal workspace and need a minimal iPad stand, the new PadFoot will look great (if you even notice it) sitting on any flat surface. It’s very pocketable as well, so take it anywhere.