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Hitpad, a hip way of following trending topics on your iPad

Oh, another pretty news reader, that’s what you must be thinking, right? Pay attention for Hitpad is your personalized window to relevant content that helps put those trending topics on Twitter and Google Trends into perspective by combining tweets, videos, images, news articles and web links into a uniquely designed news flow.
“Five minutes with Hitpad is like spending an hour browsing around”, developers Jay Meydad and Nir Holtzman Ninio wrote in the app’s iTunes description. So how does Hitpad differ compared to dozens of regular feeds readers or visual news readers such as Flipboard?
For starters, Hitpad employs some Google search magic to determine the most important things you should know today in your areas of interest and lay them out cleanly in a rich visual dashboard. Trending topics (which seem pretty accurate and relevant, by the way) flow in the lefthand bar and the remaining bars divide content relevant to the trending topic at hand in several media categories, such as news, tweets, videos, web links and photos.
The app is tuned and personalized based on your interests and agnostic to the publishers that are providing the data. But don’t take my word for it, take Hitpad for a spin (free download).