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How Has The iPad Changed Your Life?

How Has The iPad Changed Your Life? – Some Stats
The iPad has changed our lives in many ways since its debut one year ago this week. Recently, the UK’s Seven surveyed 1,000 iPad owners. The results show just how different our lives have become thanks to the magical tablet.
Among the findings are that 87 percent of iPad owners are using it every day of the week. Of those, 24 percent use it more than two hours a day.
In addition, the use of desktop computers by iPad owners is down 35 percent.
So what are we doing with our iPads?
  • Accessing the web, 75 percent
  • Emailing, 63 percent
  • Playing games, 48 percent
  • Social networking, 41 percent
  • Rearching products and services, 29 percent
  • Reading books, 25 percent
  • Listening to music, 21 percent
  • Shopping, 19 percent
  • Reading magazines, 13 percent
  • For Work, 13 percent
  • Watching TV, 11 percent
Where do owners use their iPads?
  • In the bedroom, 69 percent
  • In the kitchen, 42 percent
  • In the bathroom, 20 percent
The complete survey, which is available here, is an interesting snapshot for an iDevice that is only 365 days old.
We’d like to know: How has the iPad changed your life? Let us know by using the comments below.