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How to send text messages to a Group of people

Alibaba Group SMS, save time with this efficient app for group text messaging.
Create your custom groups. Once created, you no longer have to select contacts one-by-one for a group message. Simply tap on the group you want and send out a text in a matter of seconds.
And, if you need to send the same message again, you can save your text as template to quickly populate your message for another send-out.
Also the contact history will be recorded and can be reused again. This app is a powerful addition to the Messages application already on your iPhone.
Key Features
-Create custom groups and efficiently add contacts
-Sync groups from your Mac
-Ease of use: just tap a group icon, then type the text
-Template list saves messages for re-use
-Manage groups for additional flexibility within a group
-iOS 4 software upgrade required. Utilizes the new In-App SMS functionality
Your time is valuable. Take a giant leap forward and simplify your group text messaging.
We recommend limiting your groups to 100 recipients. Performance is sometimes unreliable with groups larger than 100. That’s also the limitation on the App to secure your iPhone stability.
Alibaba  Group SMS is now available for FREE. Grab it fast before it reverts back to its usual price!