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iPad 2 first impressions: Steve Sande

For those of you who were watching at 7 PM ET today as I was livestreaming the iPad 2 line and purchase process at the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, Colorado, I ended up buying a 32 GB white iPad 2 with AT&T 3G. The lines at Aspen Grove were longer for the iPad 2 than for probably any Apple launch I’ve seen at this location. I’d estimate that by the time 5 PM rolled around, there were 400 – 450 people in line.
However, my six-hour wait in line with fellow TUAW blogger Erica Sadun was fruitful, as both of us came away with iPads in our hot little hands. As you can see in the video on the next page, the white iPad 2 is a rather attractive looking device. I decided to go with the different color simply because I’m kind of getting tired of the standard black Apple devices. If I don’t like it after a year … well, there will always be a third-generation iPad coming down the pike.
My first impressions? The iPad 2 feels better in the hand than the original model. This is primarily due to the more curved back and the thinner body. This model also feels a bit lighter — not much, but enough to be noticeable. There’s a larger speaker “grille” on the bottom of the device. It’s actually a bunch of small holes drilled into the case, and is barely visible in the video.
Where the real change shows up is in launching and running applications. Where there was a noticeable lag launching some apps, the iPad 2 seems much faster in most operations. I hope to run some benchmarks just to see if it’s a real improvement or just my imagination.
Enjoy the video, and be sure to tell us about your first impressions of the iPad 2 in the comments.