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iPad dry erase board for sketching app designs

App designers love to sketch out designs of possible UI layouts. Over the years, we’ve seen stacks of iPhone and iPad templates printed out in book form to be used for drawing dream user interfaces, and now a company called UI Stencils has come out with a great way to do brainstorming of iPad displays.
They’ve developed an iPad Dry Erase Board (US$24.95) with the dimensions of an iPad, complete with a 20-pixel grid for helping you align UI elements in their appropriate places. It comes with black and red dry erase markers, although if you’re really artistic you might want to head on over to your nearest office supply store and pick up a spectrum of colors.
The back of the iPad Dry Erase Board has a handy guide to standard icons, device interactions, physical gestures, navigation icons, and more. While some app designers might turn away from the concept of using a dry erase board to capture app layouts because they can’t use it to make a permanent record of their design brainstorming, I can personally see using this along with the camera on an iPhone or, dare we say, and iPad 2 to keep track of revisions along the way.