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iSkin Summit iPad Carrier: Weird and Garish

I’ve seen a lot of iPad and iPhone cases over the last few years and the iSkin Summit is the first iPad case that makes me want to scratch my head in disbelief. It’s so different that I just have to call it weird and the garish red color of the sample I was sent only made it worse.
The Summit is made of premium Italian nylon and it isn’t very heavy. It takes padded protection for either the iPad or iPad 2 to a garish glossy extreme and it is compatible with the Apple Smart Cover. If you have an iPad-sized device like other tablets or notebooks they might fit inside. The heavy gauge “retro” zipper keeps your iPad or other device from escaping.
An iPad placed inside of the Summit is nestled in a soft, quilted, and lightweight bag that felt as though it would work fairly well at protecting your iPad during every day use or a walk through airport security. Traveling with the Summit is easy if you carry it over your shoulder using the included detachable messenger strap.
The bag comes in the colors Black, Crimson (red), Marine Blue, Olive, Purple, or White. Each color is no less glossy then the last one.
The iSkin summit case retails for $95 and iSkin calls it “Space-Age Sexy. ” I’m not sure who would call it that, but I imagine it would be someone that I wouldn’t want to hang out with. Our tastes in cases would be miles apart. I tend to go for basics like flat black without a glossy sheen and for something less expensive. However, a futuristic fashionista might be very happy with the Summit.
Rating: ★★★☆☆