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iSlimPhoto Review

Put your photo library on a diet

Sure, your DSLR takes awesome high-res photos. But those awesome high-res photos also take up tons of storage space. They’re great for making prints and other photo projects, but when you just need a lightweight, portable version of your snaps to show friends, family, or clients, exporting from iPhoto is a huge hassle. And if you’re toting around a MacBook Air, conserving space is a necessity. iSlimPhoto does exactly what its name implies. Tell the utility what device you want display your photos on, and it will create a custom library tailored to that specific resolution. You’ll maximize your display’s capabilities, and save a ton of space at the same time.
iSlimPhoto converts your images to match display resolution.
Using iSlimPhoto is a single-click affair. Point the application at your existing library, choose a slimmed resolution from the menu, and hit the Start button. iSlimPhoto will churn away, resizing your images, and adding them to your new iPhoto library. The app works quickly, but if you have a large library, be prepared to give iSlimPhoto plenty of time to do its thing. Thankfully, running iSlimPhoto with the same two libraries in the future will update the slim version with any edits you made in your original library. It would be great to see automatic syncing, but manual updates are the next-best thing.

The bottom line. For showing off photos on the go, iSlimPhoto can put your mega megapixels on a diet.

iSlimPhoto 1.1
Idealistic Future
Mac OS 10.6.6 or later
Simple to use. Presets for various MacBooks.
Doesn’t support custom resolutions. Must update libraries manually.